German island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea has a huge hotel having 10,000 sea facing rooms built for the hard working Nazis. The funny thing is no holiday maker has ever stayed in this hotel, made on the orders of Hitler. Amazing..!! Isn’t it? Lets visit the Prora in Germany.

It was Built by Adolf Hitler between 1936-1939


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The hotel resort was meant to show off the class of Third Reich architecture - sadly it's been left to ruin
Hitler soon pulled the plug to meet the war needs

Hitler pulled the plug when the job was half done as he decided it was more important to pump resources into the war effort

Prora was built by Adolf Hitler between 1936 and 1939, on Rügen, Germany's largest island, but never saw a guest through its doors, until recent real estate developments
The supposedly front runner of the Nazis ‘Strength Through Joy’ is opening soon as a holiday destination